I was a busy little worker bee at work yesterday, and post-work time was squandered down the pub, so today's collection of linky goodness is, well, rather pathetic. But I'm here, dammit.

  • Primate Programming. Because if a bunch of monkeys can reproduce Shakespeare, VisualBasic should be no problem at all.
  • In the "peanut butter in chocolate" category, we have Vimacs, emulating Emacs key bindings from within Vim. I'm intrigued but repelled.
  • I've been seeing "How to install Windows XP in 5 hours or less" linked all over the place (I think I first saw it on Flutterby), but I'd been skipping over it, because what the hell do I care about WinXP installs. Then, this morning, I actually followed the link, so I can now report that it's funny as hell, and should be read by everybody. So make with the reading and skedaddle.