hi-ho, hi-ho, to quickies we go

It's Monday morning, and I'm not feeling that 'quicky'. Maybe figuring out something pithy to say about all these links will help...

  • The SCO debacle continues. Torvards says, "[SCO] are smoking crack." (No, really, that's what he said. Follow the link and do a 'find' for 'crack'.) Bruce Perens says much the same thing, in a much longer form. So far, it looks like the biggest problem that this foofooraw has revealed is that there might be some BSD code in the kernel without a BSD copyright stuck next to it. (And even that is open to debate over what constitutes a "derived work".)
  • So, this Ashcroft tour thing. Just one thing I want to know: who is paying for it, and if it's the taxpayers, how is that justified? (Okay, so that's potentially two things, but you see what I mean.) I'm not even going to get into how inappropriate it seems to have the Attorney General out stumping for particular laws, even if somebody else is paying for it, but damn, isn't the fact that he wants it so very badly reason enough to distrust it? Note also the news of 'PATRIOT 2', which they're apparently calling VICTORY -- evidence that the Department of Ironic Misleading Bill Names is still getting fully funded -- and the news that the new strategy is going to be conflating "The War on Terror" with "The War on Some Drugs". Wankers.
  • Speaking of wankers the current administration, the White House pressured the EPA into lying about post-9/11 air quality in New York. Thanks for restoring all that 'integrity' to the office, guys. Note that the air quality continued to be poor for 10 months after the attacks. How many unneeded respiratory problems does that add up to?
  • "Microsoft Windows: Insecure by Design" is getting a lot of linkage in the Microsoft-unfriendly parts of the web. -- and those parts are increasing in number over the past week, thanks to SoBig.f, MSblaster, and friends. Has some valid points, especially the last one: Microsoft sits on an ungodly cash horde, which you'd think would allow them to solve these problems if they really wanted to.
  • The long-promised vacation write-up has finally appeared, along with a photo gallery from TheBaby's first birthday. Yes, I wrote my own gallery generation script. No, there's no reason I couldn't have used one of the dozens that already exist.