spinning back up to speed

We're back. We went through here, on the way to here, and then came back via a slightly more normal (and boring) route. Some trip notes and some pictures will be forthcoming, probably sometime this weekend -- it's going to take that long to get dug out of the email/newsgroup hole -- why is that groups wait until you go on vacation to explode in traffic? A few quickies that I've picked off the top already:

  • In "SCO's Shell Game", old Computerworld hand Frank Hayes outlines one reason SCO might be pulling the crazy stunts that they are. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...
  • We snuck in enough time this evening to watch the TiVo'd penultimate stage, the second time trial -- which, like the rest of the Tour this year, was simply incredible. I noticed a lot of commercials for "BuyMusic.com" zipping by in the fast-forward segments (you know, those parts of the show where the poor TiVo-less people have to watch ads for stuff), so I plugged that URL into the copy of Mozilla Firebird I have running on my workstation (which, of course, runs Linux -- Gentoo, to be precise), and I was met with this response:

    In order to take full advantage of BuyMusic.com's offerings you must be on a Windows Operating System using Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher.

    So here's a hearty "fuck you very much" back to the BuyMusic folks; I'll be continuning to send my downloadable music dollars to emusic.com.
  • In the "crazy but cool" section: XEmacs Window Manager (XEWM).

More on the way...