quickies 5

And so another week starts...

  • Probably as a side effect of the whole Echo dustup (about which, well, whatever), I've been hearing a lot about RSS readers, which is (again) making me wonder what I'm missing. So I tried a few of them out, just to see. Amphetadesk is really slick, and Morbus has clearly dropped a lot of love there. It just doesn't fit how I work, though -- if I'm going to do the RSS thing, I want something that works a lot more like an MUA or a news reader. Once I read something, I don't want to see it again (unless, that is, I tell the software to keep it around). The only thing that I've found that looks like it approaches that is Straw, which is, well, okay, I guess, but nothing that really gets my juices going. I tried the 'nnrss' backend in Gnus, too, but it's complaining about a missing 'xml' module, which probably means I need to read some documentation.Anyway, enough whinging -- anybody have RSS client recommendations for a Linux user?
  • I was going to drop a pointer to Danny O'Brien's summary of this cool-looking

    bit of agenty software called dashboard, but then I read a few more of Danny's entries about OSCON, and realized you should just go over to Oblomovka and read them all -- start with the 13th of July, and go back to the 7th. People of the data-crunching sort would do well to look at 'blog census' entry, which could just very well make you famous, albeit in a very small circle of rather odd people.

  • I've been avoiding a certain section of the blog world for a while, so I just became aware of this "BloggerCon" nonsense; the irony of an invitation-only gathering to bullshit about the most democratic and egalitarian form of publishing ever invented is making Monday morning just that much more tolerable. I'm just wondering who's putting together the "AntiBloggerCon" (or the "BloggerAntiCon" or whatever) and whether it'll be via IRC or Jabber or just in everybody's comment threads. (AntiBloggerAntiCon?)
  • Last week's Bob The Angry Flower was pretty damn funny.
  • I got a new cell phone last week -- a Sony Ericsson T300 -- which seems to be okay (I'm not really a big cell phone user, really). As seems to be required these days, it came with a camera, which seems a bit crap:

    i'm not normally this pixellated

    But since I've got it, I'll probably throw it in the car, just so I'll have something for those "damn, I really wish I had a camera" moments. (And why is it that I never have the corresponding "damn, I'd glad I brought the camera" moments? That doesn't seem fair.)