quickies 4

Slim pickings the past couple of days, so I'm digging out some old stuff that I never got around to (as well as a few choice new nuggets -- it's all about the mix, y0.)

  • File under superhero sex organs, and page Brody.
  • Growth of a sneaking sense of betrayal -- Get Your War On some more.
  • It's always a good time for The Story of Mel.
  • Warren Ellis did the /. interview thing a couple of months back. Good stuff:

    I couldn't care less what other creators "should" consider, and if you ever say something like that within my physical reach I will slap the life clean out of your little body.

  • Remember Patriot II? That further erosion of your basic liberties (to make you more free, natch). Yeah, the one that Ashcroft said didn't exist a few months back. Well, now it exists, and the evil little bastard Mr Ashcroft wants it passed ASAMFP:

    Among other things, it would remove court-ordered prohibitions against police spying on domestic groups; expand the FBI's ability to conduct searches and surveillance without first obtaining a court order; and create a DNA database of suspected terrorists.


    Attorney General John Ashcroft told a congressional committee last month that he intends to seek prompt passage of Patriot II.

  • I love this picture of Danese Cooper.