how many quickies entries is this now?

Look ma, I'm blogging, I'm blogging!

  • I'm going on a road trip in a few days. Reading some of the passages at the beginning of "The Naked and The Deadheads" made me really eager to get out there. It's been too long since I did nothing but drive for 12 hours.
  • Another Warren Ellis interview, over at Technoccult:

    What's your greatest advantage as a writer? What gives you the edge that makes you work interesting and unique?

    These are the questions you never ask the writer because, in general, they simply don't know. I can tell you what makes Morrison work, and Moore and Ennis and Bendis... but me? I don't have the genuine tap into my subconscious that Morrison has. I don't have Alan's gift for complexity. I can't do that real unaffected likeable storytelling of Garth's, and I can't do dialogue like Bendis. If anything, I'm in the spaces they're not. When I'm on my game, I'm nasty, and angry, with angles on the contemporary world that no-one else does (much), with ways of telling stories that no-one else does (much).

    I dunno. Rian Hughes thinks I'm the last of the modernists. Most other people think I'm just a horrible old man.

  • Firebird seems like a decent browser, and it's much less clunky than Mozilla, but I can't select-and-paste URLs out of it in the normal X Windows fashion -- which makes it damn near useless for 90% of the work I want to do with a browser. Feh. And while I'm bitching, why the hell does Xinerama eat up all available RAM + 15%? Having a 1GB workstation get all glitchy because it's swapping is just wrong.
  • Dan gets all old skool and cranky and drops some funky NNTP science on the asses of the "syndication/aggregation" camps.
  • Television is the catnip of the masses. Bite the power!
  • Save Sluggy. (Wet slappity of doom!)
  • Look at this for possible future work deployment (yeah, as if): Glow the groupware client.
  • Just in case you missed it last week, the current administration acknowledged that this year's deficit will approach a half a trillion dollars. When you consider the change from the surplus that prevailed for all eight years of the previous administration, the delta is well over that point. I just feel all tingly and fiscally responsible now, don't you? (That sinking feeling in your stomach will go away if just say "one trillion dollars" in a Dr. Evil voice. Really. Try it.)
  • Meanwhile, down on the state level, GOP Attorneys General appear to have re-invented the protection racket. How in the name of Ghu is this even legal? IANAL, but this seems pretty much like what you'd think "malfeasance in office" would amount to. link via Ghost in the Machine.
  • I'm also late to this party, so I'll just say fuck Pat Robertson. Hate mongering bastard.
  • El Reg talks Hardware virtualization and Linux. People have a pretty powerful feeling about "their" servers. I get the feeling this sort of thing could work, but you're either going to have to hide it or force people into thinking about computing resources in a different way.
  • Three cheers for Al and "No more Davegeld". Personally, I quit reading Dave years ago, because of now imfamous 'changing content' bullshit.
  • Webloging is not Journalism. Discuss. (scroll as needed)
  • Via an assist from Medley, the INTJ FAQs The "dealing with the INTJs in your life" section is a must-read for tech- and knowledge-worker types. I now know that the collective noun for INTJs is "an argument", and I feel a strange need to try to work that into a conversation.
  • Continuing with the "that's so last week" theme, I assume everybody saw the masturbation prevents prostate cancer thing. I only have one question: does this mean lube is going to be covered by my HMO now?
  • I started working on a new look over at the annex. Actually, I started working on re-writing the diary scripts, but got sidetracked into reworking the interface for them, which lead into noodling around with fonts in gimp, as well as a drastic expansion of my todo list. Whee.

Whew! As I said back up at thet top, I'm off on a road trip Real Soon Now, and I don't expect to have much (if any) 'net access while I'm about. If things get quiet 'round here, check out the sites listed in the sidebar -- they're all pretty wordy bastards. Failing that, there's always the daily dose database.