boy howdy, but i feel more safe!

Frankly disturbing story about a incident of credit card fraud that could, depending on your general level of paranoia, be a terrorist at work. Regardless of whether or not you think there was anything behind that aspect of the story, it’s hard not to wonder why the defrauded person had such a hard time getting a responsible party in government to listen to her.

She e-mailed the White House, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the General Services Administration, all the Philadelphia TV stations.

She received two responses.

A man from the Pennsylvania homeland security office called late Saturday night to say he could do nothing with her information until 9 a.m. Monday -- an hour after Nasir was due to depart Philadelphia -- because the agency's employees work "banker's hours."

A GSA employee named Jim Zawada sent Gould an e-mail sympathizing with her, but said the issue was not under GSA's jurisdiction.

She called the Philadelphia police again, who gave her two phone numbers, one for the FBI, which was disconnected, and the other for the airport cops, who again said they couldn't do anything.