No time to extensively comment on any one thing (see the diary for whinging about mail clients and messed-up workstations (and new baby pictures)), but I have been seeing some thought-provoking stuff and I figure I might as well point at it.

This morning's CNN war update increased the "pucker factor" a bit, at least for me: what looks like the beginning of mission creep in Basra, and (former NATO supreme commander) Gen. Clark (ret'd) talking about "extensive logistics problems". I haven't done a tremendous amount of military history reading, but from what little bit I have done, I can say that you almost never see "logistics problems" mentioned anywhere close to "rapid and decisive victory" -- at least now when both phrases are referring to the same side of the engagement.

John Perry Barlow (you might have heard of him...) on "CONTEMPLATING WAR IN THE LAND OF PEACE".

Danny "NTK" O'Brien on low bandwidth info-interfaces to the war, and how they affect your perception of unfolding events.

Meanwhile, back in the land of the Free, some states are deciding that elections might just be too expensive to bother with. (Via the recently on-fire-and-burnin'-up Medley.)

Also in the "no time to do things right" column, the Justice department has let the FBI know that there's no need to be too picky about what info goes into the main criminal database in the country. Rumors that Ashcroft said, "We're going to store that info on everybody sooner rather than later anyway, so they might as well get a head start" could apparently not be confirmed at presstime.

I've still got significant backlog of "hey, should blog this" stuff in both the mail and news clients, but that's going to have to wait for another day; it's goto work time now.