things that make you go 'grrrr.'

I'll say up front that I don't have great sourcing or attribution for this item; in fact, it's little more than a personal ancedote. Moreover, I'm not going to take the time to go dig up a linkable source, because, well, I've got more important things to do, like work, and pack, and play with the child process. That said, if anybody finds supporting info, please drop a link in the comments.

Anyway, here's the story: On the way home from some after-dinner chow, I was listening to a local area news station (WTOP, for the DCers). They do a CBS News report periodically, and I happened to catch it. One of the main stories was about the lowering of the threat warning back to the 'yellow' level. This is a big deal for me; getting to work the past couple weeks has been a nightmare, because of the crazy security stuff they do when we're at level 'orange', so I actually started to pay careful attention to the story. Earlier, I had seen online (somewhere or another) that the reason it was being lowered was because the Hajj was coming to an end, but what I heard in this news story -- and what pissed me off -- was an un-named "administration official" being quoted as saying that the reason the level was being lowered was so that it could be raised back to 'orange' when we invade Iraq in a few weeks, and that leaving the level elevated for too long "encouraged public complacency".

Grrr. Grrrr.