it was that kinda day

I knew for certain that it was going to be a bad day when my stress ball ruptured. Before noon, no less.

But prior to that, before I'd even left the house, I had an inkling that it was going to be a bad day -- an inking that started when I saw that "Big Tony" Scalia spent his weekend at a "Religious Freedom Day" gathering, telling people that the courts are getting this whole 'seperation of church and state' thing all wrong.

That's not a "Freedom From Religion" day, by the way -- that's a "Free To Have Any Religion As Long As It's Monotheistic" day.

Scalia's current schtick involves advocating a "tyranny of the majority" legislative approach to resolving issues of church and state, which is bitterly ironic, if you really think about the primary reason the Framers brough up the issue in the first place. The comment that "the framers did not intend for God to be stripped from public life" is also seriously disingenous -- nobody is saying that religion needs to be removed from public life, just from government-sponsored public life. There certainly didn't seem to be any probition aganist "Big Tony" shooting his mouth off in front of a crowd down in Fredricksburg this weekend, and it's harder to imagine something more "public" than a large outdoor rally.

(Tip o' the PipetMan to Kevin "Ghost In The Machine" Murphy, who I lifted the "Big Tony" thing from.)