weird food & devastation

Didn’t really intend to be away from here for three weeks, but I started playing with Gentoo, leaving my blog database on the Debian side of the fence, with no easy way to get to it, and then work started kicking my ass… Plus, I haven’t really felt like I’ve had anything interesting to say for a while – another great demotivator. And, finally, my DIY blog tool is starting to piss me off, and the insane work schedule plus the baby means no time to makee with the fixee.

But enough whining. I’m still here. I might be quiet again for a little bit, but that’s just 'cuz I’m getting my ducks in a row. The goal this week is to not spend more than 10 hours at work, any given day, and to spend at least an hour, preferably two, engaged in good solid coding – working a new blog/content management/whatever system. One thing I have been doing while away is thinking about how I want to work, and why the current tools are annoying, and I’m hopeful I can come up with something a lot better suited for my style.