what happend to my week?

Some of it went to a trip to Chicago. More of it went to the fallout around getting ready for the trip and catching back up once I got home. The rest of it, well, who knows.

testing =? brussels sprouts
chromatic had a nice article about testing and Perl over on perl.com. That reminds me, I should really go back and write some unit tests for my work project...

the way, way back machine
I'm sure you've already heard that Google has pushed its Usenet archive back to 1981. Now you can see things like Linus announcing Linux, the birth of the BOFH, or the beginning of the end. A prize to the person who comes up with the oldest post I can verify as mine (ah, the perils of having a common name...)

fork this
When Alan Cox was maintaining his separate kernel tree, you couldn't hardly think straight for all the muttering about a potential kernel fork. How come nobody is paying any attention to Rik van Riel's patch set, which (IMHO) has a much better chance of actually causing a split? Oh yeah, that's right -- all the mutterers don't actually read LKML.

(Note: I still think the chance of a fork is vanishingly small -- just less so than it was in the Alan case. It's still hard to tell if Linus's VM decision was the right thing or not, and that's scary.)

print.online() == print.dead_tree()
Cuz the courts say so.