one screwed-up day

Today, I found out that a friend's cat, who I often care for when said friend is away, has lymphoma. That made me feel sad, and lead to me coming home and petting my cats a little bit more than normal.

Today, I found out a co-worker used to ride the bus that got blown up this weekend. (Probably not the bus, but she rode that route, through the spot where the explosion occurred.) That made me feel a frisson, a little "my, how odd to live in a place where things like that happen" jolt -- until I realized that I do live in a place where things like that happen.

Today, I found out that this site (or, rather, a page from its archives) comes up 97th in a Yahoo search for "cunt flogging", which, for some reason, I felt the need to share with you. I know this particular thing because somebody out there in the great wide world, somebody who claimed to come through a dialup IP, searched for that string, hunted through at least two (but more likely five) pages of results, and then choose to click on the link to my site. When I took a break at work today to check my logs, this particular event didn't make me feel much of anything, other than a desire to get the analog report and those particular 13 letters off my screen before somebody walked into my cube. Now that I think about it a little bit more, I realize (again) that 90% of the search engine traffic in the world would go away if people just knew how HTTP works.

Today, I (and a co-worker) found out that version 2.4.17-pre2 of the Linux kernel + PAE + CSA + iostat + XFS falls over when you run a particular application on it. We need to run that application quite a bit, so it's good that I (and that co-worker) also found out that 2.4.17-pre2 + PAE doesn't fall over when running that particular application. That made me feel annoyed, because it would be nice to have the stuff that comes from the "CSA + iostat + XFS" part, but it also made me feel happy, because we're seeing light at the end of the tunnel we've been crawling through. (I realize it's just a developer with a flashlight crawling back down the tunnel to tell us the spec has changed (again), but give me my illusions for the moment, eh?)

Today, I learned that my species still hasn't figured out a way to end a primate threat display other than to increase the magnitude and violence of the responses on each side until one group is incapacitated. Since at least one of the tribes of primates in this particular pissing match has nuclear weapons, that made me feel afraid.

Today, I got up at 4:55 am. It's currently 10:31 pm. These are two of the many reasons why I feel tired, and why I'm going to leave you for the night and hit the sack.