daily, dammit, not weekly

it's good to have goals
Let's just sum up last week by saying that I sat down Monday afternoon at work to rewrite my TODO list, and I finally finished said rewrite Sunday evening, at home. Boy, oh boy, whadda week -- but I survived my first period as solo frontline Linux admin at work without destroying any hardware or any users, so I'm marking it down as a success.

Turkey Day was fun, good friends, good food, good time; hope yours was the same -- not much more to say about that because it already seems so long ago... The long weekend was nice in that I got a few minor longstanding pesky things taken care of: the webcam might be showing up soon (once I get scp working to move the captures to the server), and I finally switched to ext3 (lemme hear the geeks say 'w00t w00t!' Um, anyway...)

While I'm blathering about personal meta stuff, I'll also pass along that at work today, I attended a class given by Mark Jason Dominus, a name that should be familiar to the Perlers in the audience. Good stuff -- I'm looking forward to the next two days, which feature two more classes and probably some face time with MJD. Meta question for the bloggers in the house -- in such a situation, do you mention your weblog, or not? Mail me with your opinions.

flame tree
There's a tree in the parking lot of my apartment complex, right next to a globe-style street light. All the leaves are off the tree, except right around the globe of the light -- I guess that extra illumination is keeping the leaves around just a bit longer. Anyway, the leaves have turned, and it looks pretty cool at night -- like a little flame ball hanging in the tree. Here's a couple of cruddy pictures -- I couldn't really get the flash right, but you can at least sort of see what I'm talking about:

flame tree fireball flame tree fireball

Looks like Bruce Sterling's weblog cum online zine Infinite Matrix is back on the air.

he will, he will, HOST YOU
Here's a big shout out to Cornerhost, the sort-of new hosting company being run by Michal "Sabren" Wallace. Cornerhost is home to genehack.com and genehack.net, which will have all sorts of fabulous content one day real soon now. Michal's been great with getting everything set up, and I recommend him highly if you're looking for some hosting.

attack of the clones
Medium level flap over human "cloning" yesterday -- here's the company's press release, as well as a news story that gives a bit more context. Near as I can tell, this is just the application of techniques that are known to work with other mammalian oocytes to human eggs -- not exactly ground-breaking visionary stuff. It also sounds like they don't have all that much. Finally, I think people might be mis-understanding "embryo" -- that's an extremely early stage after fertilization. This is still a long, long way from producing anything that even has a calculable chance of possibly turning into a human being.

you can't trust what you can't see
Here's an interesting article about a bioinformatics researcher that has a condition in his employment contract that allows (not requires, mind, allows) him to release software he writes as Open Source. It's very encouraging to see people standing up and pointing out that unless you can review the source, you can't be sure something is algorithmically correct -- and in scientific software, that's a pretty damn important thing to be able to tell. I've been saying this for a number of years now, and I usually get "huh?" looks in response. Maybe that'll get better now.

If you feel the same way about the importance of making sure publicly funded scientific software remains open, make sure to sign this petition over at OpenInformatics.

walking the walk
Linus Torvalds filed a bug report against the development version of KDE the other day -- he gives pretty good bug report, I'd say.

in the on deck circle...
If I can continue to manage my schedule such that I actually have the time to do it, I've got several book reviews that really want to be written -- and I've still got one or two links in the queue as well. I'd really like to not feel guilty about describing this site as "daily", just for a change... I guess we'll see what happens. Thanks for reading.