close but no cigar

i should really fork a journal, eh?
Days two and three of the MJD experience were just as good or better than the first, and it looks like his web site is chock full of tasty goodness. One of these days I need to make some time to write some code and put some of the stuff I learned into action -- but I've got several other dragons to slay first...

mail overload
Lyn, I, and a few other people had a brief exchange about email management the other day. I wish there had been more participants, because I really am not completely happy with the way I've ended up managing stuff (but I also can't think of any better ways to manage it, either, so...) Maybe all the people who get as much email as I do (around 300-500 emails a day, mostly mailing list traffic) are too busy keeping up with it to respond, or something.

freedom downtime, indeed
Yesterday was not a good day for a couple of important court cases. First 2600 got bitch-slapped on their appeal of the DeCSS case, and then Ed Felten et al. got shown the door after only 25 minutes worth of argument on the chilling effects of the DCMA with regard to academic research. El Reg has the overview.