i beseech you mr. chess

don't make me use my drunken ostrich style!
Urgh. Sorry 'bout that unscheduled break in updating there, but it became necessary to take a bit of a mental health day -- which stretched a bit. Didn't help that a friend sold me a laptop on Friday; I spent the weekend building a LFS system, which entailed lots of downloading, a fair bit of CD burning, and a whole ton of sitting on the couch, watching movies on TV and waiting for one compile to finish so that I could start another. Oh, and realizing that laptops make your lap sweat something fierce, which I'd never really thought about before. Anyway, the base system plus X is up and running; next step is KDE, and then the real fun starts. But oy vey, my wrists! Ay yi yi...

For you detail-oriented folk out there, this is a Toshiba 4000CDT (233 MHz PII), and it brings the genehack.org computer roster to three: mendel (Celeron desktop), morgan (PMac 7500), and mcclintock (the laptop). No points for guessing the naming scheme, although it is clearly going to have to expand beyond the "M"s in order to scale effectively.

i (heart) ethel
One of the nice things about going head-down for the weekend was that I could momentarily put the "recent events" into swap and just Not Deal with them. That lasted until I did the weblog roundup this morning. sigh Lots of stupid stuff coming down the pike; none of it is really going to make erstwhile terrorists lives any harder, but it will probably make your life suck. Leastways it will if your life is like my life to any extent.

I'm not going to get into most of it; I'm still getting caught up myself. If you don't keep up with Ethel, that's a good place to start fueling your outrage. Steve's been on a righteous tear here of late...

a completely unrelated web app design mini-rant
I followed a link from More Like This to a Bruce Sterling post on the Viridian design list. After reading it, I thought, "hey, this seems like a cool list, and I can always use more email, especially if said email contains mega-tasty Sterling verbiage, of which I can not get enough". Then I realized that there was no info about the list on the page, and that in order to subscribe I would either have to flail around on the site or drop back to Google and punt. And I formulated Genehack web app design mini-rant #734:
If you're making a web interface to a mailing list archive, put a $DEITY-damned subscription form ON EVERY STINKIN' PAGE that gets output by that interface!
Thank you.

out of time
Urp -- time for me to get on the move and get my butt to work! I've got a ton more stuff to sift through; it's going to be a busy time here at Chez Genehack for the next little bit. More later tonight, hopefully. Be careful out there.