buckle down

my weekend
I'll forever remember this Labor Day weekend as the one when I married two of my best friends to each other. It was pretty cool; keep watching Cozy, as I'm sure Lyn is going to tell you all about it. 8^)=

How was your weekend?

bleeding edge
The first versions of KDE 3 are hitting CVS (see this week's KDE KC for more info), and I thought I'd try to pitch in and report some bugs, which means I've got to get the damn CVS sources to build. I'm about two-thirds of the way through the QT3 build, which is going okay aside from the totally screwed up include paths that I'm having to fix one-by-one, as they make the build fall over. Fun fun fun...

keep your powder^Wsoftware dry
Dave "Interesting People" Farber and Dan Gilmor gave an interview to an Australian IT rag about the relationship between freedom, privacy and software usage. Probably nothing new for my regular readers, but it might be useful if you need something to point your parents to, or something.

our american history
Without Sanctuary is a collection of post cards featuring photos of lynchings. These souvenirs were apparently quite common in in the late 1800s and early 1900s, perhaps unsurprisingly. Many, many powerful pictures here; be prepared to stay awhile and think.

when masks are outlawed...
September 7 has been designated An International Day of Action Against Video Surveillance. Damn the Man.

one for the work-related 'to read' pile
Via Morbus, an article on genetic algorithms and Perl. Cool.

and now off to bed...
Oh, still so very many things to do...but my pillow is calling my name. Catch up with y'all tomorrow; take it easy out there.