amish phone books

discretion beats valor; film at 11
Sorry 'bout that -- I really did mean to post an update yesterday, but all of a sudden it was midnight, so I went to bed instead. Let's see what built up in the queue yesterday...

but was there any of that 2/3/5 thing?
Something I'd never really thought about before: similarities between the television show Babylon 5 and Tolkein's Lord of the Rings -- apparently quite the hot topic in certain circles. Here's one sample, and another.

Both miss one glaring similarity: geekish fanboys with space on the web and too much time on their hands... (Before you start flaming, I'm grinning when I say that. Plus, I'm a weblogger, so "geekish" and "too much time on my hands" can only be used in ironically self-referential ways. It's in the union code.)

this is a test
Speaking of geeky fanboys (and fangirls too), give yourself 3 points if you recognize this URL: Ten points if you've already been there. Fifty if you checked whois before finishing the book, and were pissed off when you couldn't get it.

burned, one man.
Wired has a pictorial up; I'm holding out for a shot or two of Dan's costume...

tools to check out
BlogMax: Blogging in Emacs. drool
CryptoMail: open source end-to-end secure web mail. I don't need web mail at the moment, but you never know...
Mars Simulation Project: simulation of human settlement of Mars. Not really a "tool", per se, but it could be fun to play with.

getting chilly out there...
It really starting to look Cold War-ish out there, isn't it? Economy (supposedly) headed into the crapper, a Bush in the White House, silly "defense" industry pork projects, and poorly supervised CIA agents playing with germs. Great.

Oh, and we've also got elected officials making psychic contact with the dead. Did I hear somebody at the back of the room mutter "Crazy Years"?

spin, baby, spin
The biometrics industry is trying to mount a counter-offensive against some of the bad press they've been getting lately. It's telling that despite the (I assume) large amounts of money that they're paying publicists, the best thing that they could come up with is:
"The knee-jerk reaction has always been the Big Brother angle, which is ridiculous because it's not recognizing anyone but criminals," said Joseph Atick, CEO of Visionics Corporation.
Or, in other words, if you've done nothing wrong, then you've got nothing to worry about. If you really believe that, there's some people from the "defense" industry outside; they've got this thing that shoots missiles out of the sky, and they'd like to sell it to you.

damn the man, part II
A few days back, I linked to an item about an international day of action against surveilcams. World Subjectrights Day is similar, except instead of unspecified "action", they just want people to find a local surveilcam and start taking pictures of it. This idea really appeals to my monkeywrench nature; now I just have to find a surveilcam. Given that I'm in DC, this shouldn't be hard...

speaking of being in dc...
Sounds like Guido van Rossum might be speaking at the next Zope/Python Users Group meeting, on September 26th. Anybody local up for going?

miscellaneous is always the largest category
The O'Reilly-hosted bioinformatics mailing list has been blowin' up lately. Lots of really good discussion over there; if you're even mildly interested in the topic, you really ought to be lurking that list.

Thanks to the link the other day from Dave, I'm significantly more googular. I want some sort of googularity metric web page, which raises the issue of what units googularity should be measured in... The obvious answer: "Bogarts", as in:
"I'm 482 Bogarts more googular than you!"
"Dude, that's nearly half a kiloBogart! You r00l!"

Shout out to Hal: I'm not really a cleric, I just am willing to play one when two good friends ask me to. There is something 'bout them Kansas boys with their book larnin', though.

> perl -e 'print scalar localtime(1_000_000_000)'
Sat Sep 8 21:46:40 2001
Anybody havin' a party? (That's EDT, BTW.)

Currently on the top of the TODO list: renew, which expires later this month. Two years, already, which makes three since I started doing this. W00t.

Okay, time to slurp down one more cuppa, and then off to work! Catch you tomorrow.