tincture of time

ear update
Thanks for the email with suggestions about my ear problem, especially the one from Al where he performed that essential nursing duty, saying "you're screwed; suck it up and tough it out" in a much nicer way that I ever could.

trust us, it's safe...
Attention people of Georgia: the United States Army wants you to know that the nuclear weapon it left lying around your coastline 45-odd years ago is perfectly safe.
Link via Signal vs. Noise

Hey, it could happen...
Linux Activists Turn Violent, Go On Rampage.

Sure, it seems implausible now, but did you really think you'd ever see Steve Ballmer jumping around on stage like a monkey?

Please hire this man
Look, every office needs the Crazy Person -- you know, that one person that's just a wee bit erratic or slightly off-kilter, and who gives the impression that they're trying really, really hard to just hold everything together. Those of you who have seen Office Space know what I'm talking about -- I'm talking about Milton. (The "Well, I could burn down the building" guy.)

Anyway, if your current working environment has a vacancy in the Crazy Person slot, you might want to consider giving Joseph E. Evans a shot at filling that position. (Warning: big download behind that link; people on slow links should exercise caution.)

time to go to work!
At least for me, that is. Hopefully I'll finally get around to fixing some of the worst problems with the layout this weekend. Of course, I have a book that I need to read by Saturday (which I haven't even picked up yet...), as well as several other things, so we'll see. Have a good Thursday, y'all....