here in the deep south

treading water
Okay, the new design has been mostly finished off. I actually did some cross-/browser|platform/ testing this time, too, so things should look less crappy than in the recent Barney incarnation. Still lots of little tune-up things to do; I need to start a list of those...

Thanks for all the feedback on the Mac question; it's been really helpful. Now I just have to summarize responses into a coherent message for my friend. I'll be mailing everybody back eventually, but I wanted to say thanks publicly as well (and the points are being calculated as we speak!)

The link drought is going to continue around here for one more day, however -- I've got to get caught up on email a bit, and I need to keep plugging away at a certain bit of writing that a certain pair of people are looking forward to seeing. But I'll be back tomorrow with some real links, (hopefully) some more infrastructure improvements around the old e-homestead (is that hyphenated?), and a request for help with a sociological dilemma.