grow bigger shoulders

Sorry for the break in posting here. Monday morning, as I was headed down to my car to go to work, I got stung on the ear by a bee. In case you were wondering, no, this isn't a particularly good way to start your Monday morning. Anyway, over the course of the day, my ear swelled more and more, and I ended up working from home Tuesday -- at least theoretically. Actually, I was pretty much unconscious most of the day, due to the Benedryl I had taken in an attempt to reduce the swelling.

The drugs didn't do much good; applying ice to the area is helping a bit, but the swelling seems to come back when I remove the ice. I think a big part of this is that the tissue in the ear isn't terribly well vascularized, so it's taking a long time for the excess fluid to drain. If anybody out there has any suggestions for ways to accelerate the process, please drop me a line at

In the meantime, things might get a bit quiet here, as it's hard to web surf while you're holding an ice pack to the side of your skull...