burn it all down

permanent stopgaps
Man, I really need to either come up with a new design to replace what was supposed to be a temporary one, or fix some of the nastier aspects of this one -- now all I need is a spare day or two. If anybody has the power, inserting those between today and tomorrow would be just great, thanks much.

life imitates onion
(Okay, it's an Air Force base instead of a National Park; it's still pretty damn close.)

are you perl enough?
Those BioPerl kids are looking for a few good scripts. Help 'em out if you can, eh?

Big Brother MicroSoft is watching...
"[Microsoft is] also helping to deploy powerful surveillance services that can identify illegal distribution of Microsoft(tm) Reader eBooks across the Internet, and report findings to publishers."

In order to maintain karmic balance, I have to link to something from gnu.org now -- this seems appropriate...

Marylaine on free lunches. Spot on.

save for a future monday
The next time you have an absolutely crap day, pull out http://www-uxsup.csx.cam.ac.uk/misc/TechSupport.html or http://www-uxsup.csx.cam.ac.uk/misc/horror.txt; two collections of sysadmin horror stories from the glory days of Usenet. (Links snarfed from the SDM, natch.)

it almost makes sense now...
Also scarfed from within the bloody walls of the Scary Devil Monastery, this terribly useful primer on how cricket is played. After reading this, I almost wouldn't mind spending an hour or two watching a game of cricket.

is this what they mean by crypto-anarchy?
Two links for the leftist/anti-globalization/crypto freaks in the crowd...

First off, it looks like the police in Genoa weren't very nice to the people protesting the G8 summit. I think this is the point where Lyn says something like 'AMIIS'.

Second, October 21, 2001 is Jam Echelon Day. Please mark your (hopefully suitably encrypted in case of loss or theft) PDA or other calendaring device of choice.

code red
While the death penalty for people who don't patch their poxy Microsoft servers might strike some as too extreme, I think we can all agree that at the very least, the responsible parties should be banned from any sort of 'net use for the next five years or so. I mean, if it was a fair punishment for Kevin Mitnick...

incidents.org has a bunch of info, including graphs of the spread of the worm over time, and info on the newer, nastier, root-shell equiped Code Red II.

Oh, and I wanted to share that I got not one, but four of the ~75 CRII probes I've seen on my home box (which is attached to the net via a plain, old-fashioned dialup PPP connection) since Sunday morning were from a hotmail.com server. Have I mentioned what a great idea Passport is seeming like these days?

two steps back, two steps forward
Well, I didn't make any real progress on the queue, but I did manage to pull enough out that I kept it from growing any. Maybe I need to start working from the other end (it's currently functioning more like a stack than a queue), since I'm sure a bunch of the other stuff is bound for the bit-bucket rather than the blog bin...