back in the saddle

Congrats to Hal -- err, I mean, Dr. Rager on his thesis defense. Sounds like it went really, really well -- getting in "the zone" as you give the talk is always a good sign.

And I hope Kevin's situation gets sorted out quickly; I'm starting to jones for some Absurd Notions.

Finally, Genehack now appears on ScreenShotStart, for what ever that's worth.

watching the watchers
Something to pull out the next time somebody gives you the classic "well, if you're not doing anything wrong, you don't have to worry" response when you're ranting about the coming (or is it here already?) surveillance state: a three-part series from the Detroit Free Press on police abuse of a state-wide database: [part 1] [part 2] [part 3]. Part 3, which details how a cop stalked a woman after first coming to her house to take a complaint, is easily the most chilling and "it could happen to me"-esque of the three.

wait, here's an idea...
On reading this article about bioinformatics, three thoughts immediately sprang to mind:

  1. How ya gonna have an article about bioinformatics in DC and not mention NCBI? That's just wrong.
  2. The time has clearly come to have a trendy abbreviation for 'bioinformatics'. I'm thinking 'B12S', which will give us all lots of jokes involving dropping the '12' -- this will be useful when we have to give talks to non-B12S people. (Wow! See how easily that rolled out!)
  3. The time has come to think about certification. The hype machine is just starting to gear up, the requisite hand-wringing about "not enough qualified people" is starting up, and there are all these unemployed dot-commers around looking to be re-purposed. Sure, it's a bit early in the curve, but this looks like an example of "first player owns the field" to me. Proposals about how to realize this vision to (If you have trouble mailing to that address, try dropping the '12'.)

book review
Better late than never, I've put up my review of O'Reilly's recent Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills.

didn't we already do this?!
Last week, Vice President Cheney 'declined' to turn over documents detailing what happened in those closed door energy sessions. When, when, when are they going to realize that doing something like this looks strangely like a cover-up -- which only makes people wonder what they're trying to hide?

that's all for now...
Whew! That last bit got me below 100 items in the in-queue, so I think I'll stop now, and go to work. See y'all later...