no use for a title

pre-salted tomatoes
Actually, that title is a bit of a misnomer — because the salt ends up in the leaves, not the fruits — but nevertheless, genetically modified, salt-resistant tomato plants are pretty cool.

push @todo , $task;
I've been running the squid caching proxy for a while now with few problems, but I bet I could tweak things a bit better if I read the O'Reilly Network article on Installing and Configuring Squid.

push @books_to_buy , $book
Looks like there's a new book out covering GNU Emacs and XEmacs. Just to reiterate the policy, you send it in, it gets reviewed — sooner or later.

Speaking of which, my long overdue review of O'Reilly's Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills has been sent off to the appropriate people; look for a preview here once I get around to throwing it up somewhere.

more personal meandering than you can shake a stick at
Grrr...once again, I'm up far too late. At least I'm planning on working from the friendly confines of the home office tomorrow — that should make life a bit better. Maybe I'll sneak in some blogging as well &mdash I've still got over 80 links in the hopper.

When we were down in DC this weekend, Lor and I had dinner at the Brickskeller, where the food is just okay, but the beer selection is excellent. One of the beers I had is one of my personal favorites, the Arrogant Bastard Ale:

i, on the other hand, _am_ worthy