i need a soda!

gone, for a bit
It won't be as long this time -- pinky swear -- but I've got to leave you again for a bit. I've got this friend, see, and he helped Lor and I move from Tucson to DC. Now that he's moving out of Tucson, I'm basically morally obligated to help him -- but he's a good friend, and I'd be helping him even if the quid pro quo element wasn't present.

So, in about 10 hours, I get on a plane and go to Tucson. Monday morning, we load a fifteen-foot truck with all of Dave's worldly possesions, saddle up, and commence to driving. If all goes well, I should be back sometime next weekend. I'm taking the new camera, so expect lots of obnoxious photos when I return.

Speaking of obnoxious photos, here's what one of my cats would look like if he took way too much Spice:

kitties of dune