guerrilla blog strike task force!

surgical strike
I'm going to try to go with the "post at least one thing every day" plan and see if I can keep a trickle of things going on here...

Today's link is a RISKS digest posting that reports that USPS workers have been encouraged, since 1997, to report "suspicious" activity to law enforcement officials. Evidently, training videos emphasized that it was better to report things that turned out to be trivial, rather than take the risk of not reporting something that was significant. Or, in other words, Mailman Matt is supposed to assume that you're guilty until proven innocent -- exactly the attitude I want in the people handling my mail.

I'm starting to run out of really decent pictures from the trip; here's an ocotillo that I found not too far from Dave's old apartment. It looked like somebody had been watering it not too infrequently:

    make fences out of dried ocotillo shoots

Oh, and thanks for all the anniversary well wishes...