happy anniversary to us...
Eight years ago today I got married to my "better two-thirds", as I often refer to her. Best decision I ever made. 8^)= If you'd like, drop her or me a line and say congrats.

dealing with the tech support in your life
This is a phrase that I'm quoting here, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to have call to use it at some future point: "I'm going to seem very hostile to you until we establish a relationship that involves you listening to me." Rest of the article worth a read as well...

free dmitry!
So, Adobe backed down. Not that they had too much to lose at this point; it lets them look good and ends up making the EFF look bad in the long run... I wasn't able to make the protest in DC, but Jonathan of killyourtv.com did -- pictures available on his site.

bobbing for pr0n
This is kind of interesting... if you go to http://communities.msn.com/_Secure/. (the trailing '/.' is important, far as I can tell), you might get a picture that appears to be randomly picked from somewhere on the communities.msn.com site. Or you might get nothing, in which case, reload and try again.

I found the link in this Reg story, which details how it was discovered.

Two avenues of exploitation^Wuse suggest themselves to me -- first, the stats geek in me thinks it would be interesting to cobble up some Perl to sample that picture database a few thousand times, then categorize the results, in terms of porn/non-porn, etc. You could even break out different kinds of porn -- het, homo, child, etc, and get a decent feeling for whats out there, at least on one fairly large public storage site.

The other thing that suggests itself is some sort of drinking game -- the possibilities are really endless. Predict if the picture is going to be porn or not (works best over a dial-up link, of course). Another possibility is to see how many porn pictures you can get in a row, or how many non-porn. Loser or winner drinks, depending on what you're trying to do; bonus points if you get really drunk, take some porn snaps yourself, and then get them to load in a later game.

Finally, a word of warning: there's some seriously odd stuff out there. Unless you've got an office door, or you work in an extremely liberal location, loading that page up at work is probably a bad idea.

I've got a lot of linkage in the queue, but no time to sift through it -- wah. Hopefully things will improve as the week goes on. Anyway, here's another picture from the recent trip:

baby toupee

That's my new niece, using my chest as a nap pad. She's still a bit light up top, so Grandma helpfully arranged my goatee to keep Cassidy's head warm. This is one of those pictures that's going to get trotted out repeatedly as she grows up, I think. 8^)=