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things i've learned blogging
Thing One: the best way to ensure that you'll update your blog religiously is to post something saying "i'm really busy so i don't know if i'll have time to post much."

Thing Two: the best way to ensure that you'll fail to update for multiple days in a row is to post something saying "i'm going to post something everyday, no matter how minor."

Thing Three: above all, taunt not the BLOG GOD, for s/he is a capricious trickster, and likes nothing more than fucking yer shit up.

my weekend
So, yeah, anyway, I'm back; I've got tons of stuff to post, but I have to get up in about 4.5 hours to go to work, so most of it is going to have to wait.

You will therefore have to be content with one shout-out link: Congrats to RB and JJG! May you never run low on links or love.

On a personal wedding-related note, Laura and I went into DC this weekend to goof off and celebrate our eighth anniversary last week. (I think it's probably a good sign that we have more fun hanging out and wandering around with each other than we do in most "structured" activities.) Anyway, we saw flowers and computers, ducks and giant erasers:

chinese rose in smithsonian gardens cray 1 at air and space museum duck in the ellipse giant typewriter eraser, what else?

(Thumbnails linked to full-size images; each about 200 kb.)