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playing hooky
Oh, the things I have to do -- but first a little procrastination blog update...

the gene is dead?
Interesting review of Evelyn Fox Keller's The Century of the Gene. Great -- like I really needed more stuff to read!

Say, if someone reading this is thinking about organizing a book club, this might make a good selection at some point. Wink, wink.

somebody needs a whack with the clue stick
Caleb Carr, who you might remember as the author of The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness, is the subject of a Salon interview. It starts out okay; some of his points actually resemble those made by geek-god Neal Stephenson in In the Beginning Was the Command Line -- but then he veers wildly off course. He starts with the implicit, wildly erroneous, and yet all too common assumption that the Internet equals the Web, and moreover, that the United States government is going to (somehow) be able to control all the content on the 'Net. Hey, Caleb, where the hell do you think all those servers whose names end in '.cn' are, anyway? (Hint for Caleb: it's not Connecticut.) Carr then proceeds to build a house of cards on this false foundation, in which he envisions schemes like licensing 'Net users (to stop the pedophiles, and presumably, to protect the chiiiildrrrruuuunnn) and having the FedGov harass Matt Drudge into shutting down his web site -- for the good of the intellectual health of the country. (No, really, I'm serious -- see page 4, paragraph 3. I can't make shit like this up.)

And why would we want to do this? Because this is the better of the two alternatives that Carr can envision -- the other one has corporations controlling everything. How this would be different than government controlling everything isn't really made clear, although he mentions that government control is preferable because the government is (at least technically) responsible to the voters. Of course, corporations are (at least technically) responsible to the states that issued their articles of incorporation, i.e., the people; that hasn't seemed to slow them down too much.

Anyway, read the interview, spot the crap spots, laugh, poke fun, etc. Kill this meme, please.

speaking of memes
Here's another that I'm trying to start: If the 1990s were supposed to make the 1960s look like the 1950s, I'm predicting that the 2000s are going to make the 1950s look like the 1960s.

Pass that one along, won'tcha?

okay, time to do a bit of real work...
...before I stagger off to bed. See you kids later on in the week!