info monkey on my back

slagging off biochemists
Heh. Check out this Nodalpoint article. 8^)=

Well, I thought it was funny.

Oh, $DEITY. DA prosecutes mom who gave 13-year-old son condoms. I don't even know where to start with this one -- I just hope that District Attorney is an elected position in that county.

(Link via Al.)

be prepared
The always-useful Reg has some guidelines covering Federal search and seizure of computer equipment. Nothing too startling -- don't consent to warrent-less searches, encrypt everything (especially if you share a computer with other people), and remove any naughty bits (or bits that might look naughty) before you send it out to the repair shop.

think different
Nice article on thinking creatively. I need to work on developing some of those habits...

they hadda pick the worm
O'Reilly is has a bioinformatics book coming out soon. I'm not thrilled with the cover animal choice 8^)=, but I am pretty excited about getting my hands on this one. If anybody from ORA happens to be reading this, I'd be happy to provide technical proofing or peer review for this volume.

minor meta
As I discussed yesterday, I started updating my Advogato diary. First entry is pretty lame; hopefully they'll get better. One of these days, I'll put up a more permanent link around here, but I thought I'd mention it in case anybody out there has an obsessive need to read my meta stuff.