i am not a gun

seriously minus on minutes >>> I'm leaving for Durham, NC in a couple of hours, for the CAMDA '00 Conference. Hopefully it'll be a good time, and hopefully I'll learn a thing or two. I think everything is good to go, although I'm being haunted by that "you've forgotten something" feeling, and there's a thing or two I wish I had dumped to the printer before leaving work on Friday...

Anyway, I'm going to be off the grid for the next two or three days. Luckily, the holiday break will let me get caught up (yah, right!)

On the seriously off chance that any Genehack readers are going to be there, give a shout-out. I'm the pony-tailed guy with a beard in the green Tux the penguin hat who looks sorta like this.

I've got a load of linkage to deposit upon y'all, but it's going to have to wait -- I've got just enough time to grab some lunch, pick up my cow-orker Wataru, and then it's off to Durham in the trusty Saturn SL2. See ya when I get back.