anchor christmas, baby!

weekend >>> Yet another weekend come and gone and I'm not sure where it went. I did manage to finally track down a beer store worthy of the name (Montgomery County, where I live, is appallingly lacking in decent liquor stores, apparently due to some combination of state and local laws). Anyway, Saturday night I bopped on over to Chevy Chase Beverage, located just over the District boundary, and picked up a little of this, a little of that, and a case of the 2000 Anchor Christmas brew. Verdict: it's good, per usual, but not startlingly so. I wish that Anchor would do something a bit more radical in terms of the spices and such that they use, but who am I to bitch?

There's a story behind the Anchor -- Lor and I have a bottle from every year since we started dating; a remenant of the 'beer wall' from my college group house. Currently, we're at ten bottles; here in another decade or so, we're going to have quite the collection.

Aside from the Anchor and the beer store finding, I didn't accomplish all that much this weekend. Caught up on mail, caught up on websites, and caught up on sleep...

more stuff i don't have time to read >>> Part two of the Perl/GNOME tutorial is up.

dww followup >>> As usual, I came out of DWW with mixed feelings -- I could get into it, but I'll just add a big "me too!" to Graham's 12.02 entry.

good deals done dirt cheap >>> I've got links to some 'do-good' websites (sites that contribute to some sort of charity or good cause in return for a click) on the Daily Dose, but I often just don't get around to clicking on them. Luckily, Steven Sachs has come to the rescue of lazy gits like myself with a script called charities.cron. Download it, add a cron job to run it once a day, and relax, knowing you're doing your part for income redistribution in the name of Good.