brief, real brief

totally random access >>> I should really be getting ready for work, but this is about the first time I've had to put down a few thoughts, so I'm grabbing it while I can..

Election: Boy, this is a bit more excitement than anybody expected, eh? Too bad about Nader not making the cutoff. Sometime Tuesday night, while watching the returns, I had the idea that the Libertarians could do a lot better in 2004 if they ditch Brown for someone with a bit more media pizzaz. You know, a celebrity candidate, a la Ventura. I'm thinking Ted Nugent, but that parts still a bit fuzzy for me.

Nader as a spoiler: I think this strip sums up my feelings about this particular issue. ( The Boondocks rulez, BTW.)

Comics: Speaking of comics, did everybody notice that both Dilbert and Doonesbury have started running the same-day version of the strip on the web, instead of delaying by a week or two? That puts me one step closer to being able to ditch my dead-tree newspaper subscription...

MP3 rip-driver: About half-way done with this little project; hopefully all the way done by this weekend. Thanks for all the emailed comments and suggestions; I'll be getting back to y'all directly.

Netscape: That's it -- I'm done with Netscape. I know I've said this before, but I just spent about 20 minutes shutting down six Netscape windows, because, for some reason, the app freaked out and ate all my RAM and most of my swap. (Yes, I could have just kill -9'd it, but I wanted to see how long it would take to shut it down the normal way.) It's all Mozilla from here on out...

Tttthat's all, folks: Time for me to bathe and get to work -- hopefully, I'll be able to write a real update tonight. All a special note for all the email correspondents I've been neglecting for the past couple days: you're next, before the update. Really. Pinky swear.