action & action

well, they're not thinking small... >>> The best part of this interview with Michael Tiemann, Red Hat's CTO:

[ interviewer ] Which distribution do you feel is your main competitor?
[ Tiemann ] Right now our main competitors are Sun Solaris and Microsoft.

well, this could get interesting... >>> The Reg had a story today about how the country code TLD admins (the people who run things like .uk, .de, .us, etc.) are considering moving to alternative root DNS servers. This would pretty much mean the end of ICANN as it currently stands, and would make the currently messy domain name registration thing even more chaotic.

audio candy >>> The new Modest Mouse disk, the moon & antarctica is awesome, if you dig that indie rock noise that's driving the kids nuts. I got the disk, popped it in the player, and started furiously bobbing my head to the first song, causing passerby to stare, amazed, at the hairy autistic guy driving the gray Saturn. Here's the lyric that did it:

Your heart felt good it was drippin pitch and made of wood. And your hands and knees felt cold and wet on the grass to me. Outside naked, shiverin looking blue, from the cold sunlight that's reflected off the moon.
Baby cum angels fly around you reminding you we used to be three and not just two.
And that's how the world began.
And that's how the world will end.

damn, there's a lotta people out there >>> Several other people have beat me to it, but check out this composite picture of the Earth's night time surface as viewed from space. It's awesome and humbling and scary, all at once.

$bloggers--; >>> Condolences to the Kempa family on their loss. Kempa was one of those sites that kept slipping on and off my radar screen; I'm sorry that I didn't read more while I had the chance.

a moment of silence >>> Note to my regular correspondents: I'm going to be taking the next day or so off from email, in an attempt to focus on a few things I need to get done. If you're expecting a reply, I should be back to you by the end of week.

Y'all stay cool.