they have a good life

Thanks for all the good feedback about the Big Bird/PowerPoint rant. I'll be getting back to everybody by tonight or tomorrow (I'm currently way behind on mail.) You might notice the ol' GeneHack spread is looking a little different this morning; I spent some quality time working things over this weekend. The biggest change (after the appearance) is the addition of permalinks (the little (·) things after each entry). Let me know if there are any problems with how the site renders; it looks okay in Linux Netscape and Mozilla and Windows Netscape and IE, but I don't have Mac access at home anymore. Feedback from users of other browsers is also welcome.

Yet another 'alternative' web browser: BrowseX.

A merger between Novaris and Zeneca is re-fueling concerns about 'terminator' seed technologies

Every day, it seems, the War on Drugs gets more scary.

A reporter's account of how Nader was blocked from the first presidential debate.

Annoyed about the Shrub's pandering comments about Columbine and the Internet during the second 'debate'? Go sign this petition:
We, the undersigned, hereby state that each of us is the child whose heart was turned dark by time on the Internet, as mentioned by the Governor during the second Presidential debate.

Well, I read it, and thought it was okay, but the /. reviewer loved it.

The UK is going to let insurance companies factor the results of tests for hereditary illnesses into decisions about rates, and even whether or not to insure people. No one is going to be forced to have tests done (yet...)

Some Danes found a whole new phylum last week.

Barak/Amanpour interview transcript. I don't mean to trivialize the situation in any way, but isn't it about time we figured out how to get out of cycles of retaliatory killings?

As I've been saying all along, human cloning is going to happen; all we need is for somebody to step up to the plate. Too bad it's a buncha wack-jobs.

ELM-ART is a free on-line Lisp education system. I keep thinking I should try to move my Lisp skills beyond the 'setq in .emacs file' stage...