Let's hear it for getting up way too early...

Hey, what's that white stuff on Jessamyn's porch? (10 days until trippage!)

To Read List: Nader/Gore flunky debate.

Eating less makes you live longer, at least if you're one of a number of model organisms. Somebody has finally found a genetic basis for the phenomenon.

You may have heard of the infamous discrepancy between men and women when it comes to studies about the number of sexual partners -- otherwise known as the "well, what the hell are the men schtuping then?" problem. Turns out, researchers have been neglecting to count prostitutes, and once they're factored in, everything balances. Some comments: (a) I assume they mean female prostitutes, although they never say. Boys can sell it too, yah know. (b) I also assume we're talking about hets here, rather than gays, although again, they never say. If their reasoning is correct, than the numbers for gays should have been working out all along. I'm also not sure how bisexuals get dealt with within the framework of the study.

Ring Story follow-up: (See below for Ring Story.) Ran my version past Lor, and she agreed that it was basically true-to-life. She did point out that I lead her into buying the ring (the first time she asked, I said, "well, I'll need a ring", or somesuch) and she also disputes that gender equity had anything to do with it. I think the actual quote was "Bullshit -- it was because you're a cheap, lazy bastard." Ahh, wuve -- troo wuve...

ObDumbass: When you go into work on a holiday, you're a devoted hard worker who maybe needs to get a bit more of a life. When you go into work on a holiday because you didn't realize it was a holiday, you're a dumbass. In my defense, Oppression of the native American peoples Columbus Day isn't a holiday in the academic world. It's a bit weird, really -- okay, we've got this guy who gets lost and "discovers" a place that's already got a ton of people living there. Plus, once the "discovery" is made, the guy and his friends turn out to be the rudest houseguests ever seen in the hemisphere -- and we celebrate this? Are Italian-Americans that hard up for a hero?