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Gonna try to whip out an update before going off to work...

ObDebate: Had to teach, so what with that and getting dinner and such, only saw the last 30 minutes of so of the debate, and wasn't really paying attention to that. Did watch a bit of the post-debate stuff on NBC -- which was mostly spent thinking "where'd they find these losers?" as I listened to the comments of the panel of undecided voters.

ObBlog: I've been noticing over the last week or two that, due to my daily dose of blog-ness, I'm seeing interesting things (at least) a day or two before they show up at the "major" news outlets, and certainly before they penetrate the popular consciousness. Not really sure what advantage that gives me, but it's neat, and demonstrates yet another reason why blogs are good for you (tm).

ObPersonalWhinge: I've been having to get up earlier and earlier in order to have time to do my morning routine and still get parking at the Metro station. (For you non-DC-ians, Metro is the DC subway analogue.) Yesterday, for example, I got to learn one of life's Great Truths: When you see people with handicapped placards cruising for parking spots, you are well and truly fucked.

Speaking of which, anybody out there know of a website that gives DC metro area traffic reports?

Urgh -- running short of time -- need to get in the shower. But first, some Massive Link Propagation: has some pictures from BOSC2000.

In the same vein, a couple of sets of YAPC2000 pix: one and two

Short Vernor Vinge interview. No new book until mid-2001?! Time to re-read A Deepness in the Sky, I guess...

Here are the docs for declawing your CueCat (removing the chip that provides the unique ID). is a new Linux employment site.

Okay, should have a more substantial update later today or tomorrow -- see you then.