a fair dinkum thinkum

...that you haven't seen it, I'll point to We Didn't Start the Weblogs

Lor and I are thinking about changing our electronic banking app from CheckFree to something web-based. Since I run Linux all the time, it would be nice to have something platform independent. Just as I was thinking of asking people for recommendations, I found an Ask Slashdot thread about that very subject. (Your recommendations are still welcome, BTW.)

Hacktivism gets some play on CNN: "The Internet is the next Kent State, and we're the ones who are probably going to get shot."

Go -- read one of Ethel's latest entries. Marvel. Wonder why you haven't seen this in any major media. If you're the introspective sort, meta-marvel at how human bein's just love to find hypocrisy. If you're a blogger, spread the meme -- maybe we can get some of those heavy hitting, liberally biased media mavens to follow-up on this story.

Mike wanted to know about my decision process for deciding between Nader and Browne. I've been giving this a bit of thought lately, and so I'm just going to brain-dump it all. Background: in the last two presidential elections, IIRC, I voted for Browne both times (although I might have voted for Clinton against Bush; I'm not positive). I've already decided, like a lot of people, that I can't really stomach either of the major two candidates. Clearly, however, one of those two bozos is going to win. So, I'm basically in the 'send a message' position with my vote -- I can either not vote at all, which doesn't seem right, or I can vote for Browne or Nader. Currently, I'm leaning towards Nader, because he's doing significantly better than Browne in the polls I've seen, and I think the best possible outcome in this election, regardless of who wins, is getting some third party over the 5% hump, so that they'll get federal funds for the next go-round. (Yes, I know about the Reform party, and the way it self-destructed, but what other hope do we have (aside from burning the whole thing down?)) If that's my goal, Nader is the way to go, I think.

Also, I did the SpeakOut.com VoteMatch thing today, and (after the withdrawn Bill Bradley), I have the best overall match with Nader. Browne and Nader are about equal for me on personal issues, but Nader's economics match me better than Browne's. (My economics profile doesn't really match anyone all that well; I think because I didn't have strong opinions on most of the economics questions.) So, that's a little bit of confirmation that I won't be selling my soul if I vote for Nader.

Anyway, that's my story -- feel free to tell me that I'm an idiot, if you want to: jacobs@genehack.org