way outta control

Okay, so the 10 pm EST thing didn't happen. Mea culpa. I forgot that tonight was the dc.pm meeting, and I kinda had to go to that, for reasons I won't go into here. It was my first DC Perlmongers meeting, and I had a pretty good time. Scored a spiff Perl Mongers hat, too. Woo. Alright, into the breech...

Here are some Gnome-ish toolbar icons for GTK-XEmacs. On my TODO.

Wired News had a piece last week on the Lego Desk guy. I need to get back down to the Potomac Mills Lego outlet and pick some stuff up -- my pre-adolescent Lego jones is returning...

I'm not sure allowing the Boy Scouts to receive federal funds is okay. Sure, let them use the federal lands, I don't see a problem with that, but giving them some of my tax money? I certainly wouldn't want it going to a (hopefully hypothetical) Aryan Scouts group which didn't allow anybody but straight white kids in, and I think the difference between my extremist example and the real Scouts is only a matter of degree.

" Gov's off the net!" sez report. But will they listen?


Another graphic for the office...

The top ten Linux tips also contain some good ones for people using any sort of Unix-like OS.

Email leading to death of written English! Film at 11! This meme seems to have a period of four or five years between appearances, in my experience. On another note, check out this quote, from the same article:

Researchers from the McCann-Erikson advertising agency, who interviewed more than 100 children aged 5-11, concluded that traditional letter-writing will be of no more use later in life than the history lessons pupils learn.

What's more scary, that researchers from an ad agency are getting involved in educational policy, or that they've apparently already decided that history is useless?

The Big Picture Book of Viruses has some pretty cool photomicrographs, like this one, the first ever view of the Ebola virus.

Perldoc.com, for all your Perl documentation needs.

If we're going to have to live in a dsytopic science fiction universe, couldn't we pick something other than the Steve Jackson Games Car Wars one?

This weekend, I found out that Hal (of Blivet) lived in the same small Kansas town I grew up in! We never overlapped, and I don't think I know any of "his people" (as we say in the Mid-West), but it's still a pretty cool "small world" kind of thing, and I thought I'd share.

Ugh. Reading back on this update, it's not really my best work -- it's too rushed, and things don't really flow, and the writing, well, it reads like it was quickly dashed out, with very little revision. Which, actually, it was. Sorry 'bout that, but if I start trying to fix it, it's never going to get posted. Hopefully, as the week goes on, I'll begin to get more caught up with my backlog of stuff. Speaking of which, still working on the email tip -- be patient, and know I'm going as hard as I can.