plans i make

This has been a really odd, off week. I've been struggling with the next phase of my project at work, circling around the problem and looking for a place to get a grip on it, and I'm not having much success. The frustration from this is bleeding over into everything else, and basically I'm ending up an unhappy camper.

Interesting story about how Perl is used to help assemble the OED.

Talking about rape research can be unpopular, apparently. Unfortunate, because understanding why it happens might help prevent it from happening.

Yet another "let's make a plain ole browser out of Mozilla" project: Skipstone. Haven't tried it yet; anybody care to comment? I've backslid from my commitment to use Mozilla, and Galeon has been too unstable for me to use regularly, perhaps because of my "aggressive" browsing style (I tend to pop open new windows to follow links, rather than having them open in the same window; it's not uncommon for me to have five or six browser windows open at once).

I summon the vast power of CERTIFICATION!

Philadelphia police infiltrated protest groups during the Republican National Convention? I'm shocked. (Ob80's: Not!)

Awesome, wonderful interview with Helena Cronin, evolutionary biologist. Touches on genetic determinism, how we should be using knowledge from behavioral studies in shaping policy, and several other areas. This is the link to follow today, if you follow no others.

Analysis of coprolites demonstrates that at least some Anasazi were cannibals. More interesting than the confirmation is watching the fall-out; apparently the idea of cannibalism in Southwestern Native American populations is controversial.

Last week, a Maryland police officer trailed a man through the District, and into Virginia. At some point, the man ended up dead, and now an autopsy has shown he was shoot in the back. The officer is claiming he was in fear for his life after the man repeatedly rammed his car into the officer's unmarked vehicle, and that is why he opened fire. So far, nobody is asking the obvious question, "Why didn't you just drive away?"

Rebecca wrote up a weblogging history today, including some perspective and opinion for good measure. It's a good read, if you're interested in this little subculture we've got going here.

This seems like a good time to point out that Genehack is about two years old this month -- I say "about", because the archives go back to September 1998, and there was some older content that I never bothered to archive, but I don't think I called it a "weblog" until April of 1999 or so. Whatever; as these things go, I've been here a while, and I'm fixin' to stay around. 8^)=

And, while I'm blog-rolling, I'll just say I think Jorn's "Sustaining Subscriber" experiment is a pretty cool idea, and I'm curious as to how it's going to work out.

The Saga of El Cabeza Del Oro!. Because we could all use a bit more surreality.

I'm thinking about getting a hollow plug for one of my earholes. I really like the way this looks, with the hoop threaded through the plug. Bit worried about jamming the sucker in there myself, however -- anybody got any stories they want to share about this?

Pretty full weekend ahead: DC 'blogger gathering tomorrow night (mail for details, if you're interested -- you don't actually have to 'blog to attend; we'll let slavering fans in too. grin), couple other parties, and a big stack of crud to wade through. Whee. See y'all on Monday; have a good weekend.