burnout averted

Another long day. I wonder if this is somehow related to the beginnings of fall? This is the first time in almost 25 years that I haven't been in an academic environment, so it's possible that I'm still mentally doing the "back-to-school" buckle-down thing.

I did get to spend some time today writing a style guide for the site I've been working on. Being a code nazi is fun! It almost makes up for all the seriously grotty HTML I've been wading through.

One of these days, in my copious free time, I'd like to pick up some LaTeX. From this review, LaTeX for Linux might be a good starting point.

Wow -- Alan Williams, who you may remember from molbio.org, was just featured in a SF Gate profile. Sounds like he's doing well; good luck to him if he's still reading. In fact, if you are still out there Alan, drop me a line, 'kay?

Yet another thing that I need to make time to set up: demand dialing.

Speaking of net access, I applied for DSL again, after getting turned down by Covad earlier this year. I'm trying with PhoenixDSL this time. Here's something I don't understand: if I applied before and was bounced, how come the 'put your phone number in' forms don't just turn me down right away? Or, if by some miracle my previously inadequate CO has been re-provisioned or something, why didn't Bell Atlantic Verizon let me know that? I want to give people money in return for a fast connection! Why is this so hard?

I'm glad to hear that Jessamyn is doing okay. Lor and I are headed up to Vermont later in October to pay a visit, and we're both really looking forward to it.

Genome Biology had a series of articles about electronic publishing in the biomedical sciences earlier this week. I thought Paul Ginsparg's article summed up my viewpoint fairly well: electronic publishers should really be trying to do more than just replicate paper journals. Sadly, most journals seem to be happy just generating PDFs that people can print out. It saves you a trip to the library, but that's about it. Scientific journalism is about communication; it would be nice if some of the online journals started to really emphasize this.

Al Gore's Mom invented Perl.

Have a good weekend...