sweet caroline

Lor's up in the loft, and she's got the Beautiful Girls soundtrack playing, and we're singing along...

Minor Rant: Last night, at the weekly 'Get Drunk with the Systems Crew' gathering, I ended up agreeing to take over some responsibility for the Fellows Committee website, because one of the people who had been carrying that bag is leaving for greener pastures. The site is moving from it's previous location on an FTP site to a real hosting environment, but there's been some confusion between the people doing the work and the part of NIH that's doing the hosting. Long story short, I ended up on the phone today with a person who works in the hosting section. It's really a bad sign when they've turned off FTP out of security concerns, but they've never heard of SSH or scp. It's a bad sign when the 'recommended' way to move files to the site is via SMB shares, and the person has never heard of Samba. It's a bad sign when I ask where the raw log files are, and the guy doesn't know, and can't understand why I'd want them in the first place. I'm pretty sure this person is pulling down a lot more money than I am; why am I the one with the knowledge? Why did I take the time to explain what SSH is, and what Samba is, to this obviously Clue-challenged person? Probably the same reason I keep answering my co-workers' questions about shell scripts. sigh Oh, and after all the "FTP isn't secure because it transmits the password in cleartext" crap, how do they send me the user id and password? Unencrypted email. I'm clearly in the wrong line of work or something.

For all you high schoolers thinking about where to go to college, the top party school list is out.

There's been a successful pig cloning. Big news, because pigs are the primary candidate species for xenotransplantation -- putting organs from other species into humans. As a nod to this, the clone's name is Xena.

All is not rosy in the xenotransplantation world, however. A study suggests that pigs might harbor retroviruses, which would definitely put the kibosh on any transplant efforts.

Things are starting to get ugly in the Verizon phone worker strike. Two union members from New York ended up in the hospital after cutting an electric line. They thought it was a phone cable, see...

There's going to be a proteomics conference in DC in the near future. I might have to look into going to this.

Couple of new Open Source content management systems: Webmake (from Justin 'Sitescooper' Mason) and eGrail. The latter looks like overkill for my needs, but the former might have some ideas or code that I can steal^Wborrow.

Speaking of CMSs, I've not been doing too much on BOP, and I need to get back into that. I've just been so strapped for time, and that was the first thing to get sacrificed. I had another look tonight, to try and figure out what I need to do next, and I think it's time to start using it, and flesh out the skeleton in that way. I suppose I should make an effort to do the BOP site, and maybe write some documentation, and then figure out what I need to do next. Of course, any of you out there are encouraged to download and give feedback too -- just make sure to get the CVS sources; the tarball is totally out of date.

It's looking like there might be a small DC-area blogger gathering to see the Guthrie exhibit at the Smithsonian tomorrow -- if anybody out there wants to tag along, give a holler.

Hope you all have a good weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday, if not before.