segmented set

Okay, I've got some things I'd like to say tonight, but I'm also still really behind on email. So, I'm going to deal with my backlog, and then update here if it's not too late. For reference, it's now 10:21 PM, and I'm starting in on the mail bag...and it's now 11:35, and I've finished. Well, mostly -- there are still a couple, but I'll get those tomorrow. I spend way too much time writing email -- I seem to feel the need to make sure each one is perfect, or something. (Right now, my regular correspondents are saying, "Yah, right!") Re-read the mail, write the response, re-read the mail and the response, spell check, and sign, so that's easily 10-15 minutes per mail. I am enjoying the 3 or 4 long-running threads I've got going with different people, however.

Like everybody else, I thought Legal Tips for your 'Sucks' site made for interesting reading. The only times I've really been tempted to start a "FOO Sucks" site, the domain names were already taken -- US West in one case, ABF in another. If I'd known that redirected to the main ABF site, I would have been much more cautious about trusting them with my money or my stuff, which would have been a good thing. I mean, I can see registering the domain name, just to get it out of circulation, but redirecting it to your main site? Please.

NewsForge looks interesting, as does Transhuman.

MonkeyFist has a nice rant about the criminalization of political dissent in America. Certainly, reports in the aftermath of the Philadelphia protests don't sound good. We're headed down a dangerous road here; when people feel their voice has been taken away, we're going to start to have real problems.

New bio-journal: EMBO Reports.

Here's an unfortunately dystopian overview of Vernor Vinge and his 'singularity' hypothesis. I find the singularity concept intellectually attractive, but I'm not sure whether I want to be around to see it happen.

potato is out. And there was much rejoicing in Debian land...

I was going to stick my nose in somewhere it really doesn't belong, but upon further reflection, I'll just keep quiet. Ultimately, all I'd accomplish is pissing off one or more people, and I don't really want to do that. I will say that I think Steve and Mike have pretty much pounded the whole military readiness issue into the ground, broken it off, and set fire to the remaining stub, and I sorta wish they'd get back to talking about other things. But that's just me, wanting to be entertained.