rediscover fire

Bringing you an early morning update today; listening to the Mirah disk I ordered the other day. As expected, it's good -- recommended, if you're into that indiepop stuff.

Now that I've found nodalpoint, I know what to do with all that comment posting energy that's been seeking an outlet since K5 closed. (Actually, I didn't find it, the site's founder contacted me, but you see what I mean.) If nothing else, you should go and get an account, cuz just maybe this is the new K5, and this is your chance to get one of those all-important low-numbered user IDs.

Webcam at the Debian booth at Linuxworld Expo.

Blah, blah, blah, Linuxworld Expo, blah, blah, Gnome everywhere, blah, blah. Maybe this means I'll be able to get it to build on the Ultra at work.

Cool: crystal structure of Ebola virus shell protein solved. Not cool: no picture.

Protesters had a CriticalMass in LA yesterday night. I'm of two minds; I sympathize with the message, but I know I'd be pretty pissed if I couldn't get home after work. OTOH, if one of these happened in the morning, I'd be much less pissed about missing work...

Observation: whoever came up with the name 'ecstasy' was an untapped marketing genius. I've never taken any, but, come on -- who doesn't want a bit of ecstasy in their life? I predict future drugs with names like nirvana and bliss.

Bored by the possibilities of extremophiles from hot springs? Or, more likely, are those organisms now too encumbered with various patents to be worth chasing? Look to the dirt.

A panel of 'expert' UK scientists has come out in favor of limited cloning of humans. By 'limited', they mean therapeutic cloning (stuff for the purposes of medical/research uses), as opposed to reproductive cloning (i.e. Mini-Me).

As I think I've mentioned, I run Junkbuster to filter banner ads and unwanted cookies and such. Occasionally, I get to see something interesting (~250 kb jpg).

Okay, time to rush off to work -- probably won't be an update tonight/tomorrow, so I'll plan on seeing you back here Friday.