Hey, what happened to my week? I really did mean to update a bit more often... Plus, BOP hasn't been getting the attention it needs, either. When Lor's traveling, I have to shift my wake-up time an hour or so forward, and that just really seems to kill everything except work. I guess I should just make the shift all the time, but it's not really what my body wants to do.

This press release describes the testimony of one of the EFF's witnesses on the last day of the recent DeCSS trial. Cam linked to the actual transcript last week, which was a pretty good read, but this press release does a nice job of summing it up. Basically, the line between 'expressive' or protected speech and computer code is pretty darn thin -- which is something that most code writers seem to grasp, but seems to be poorly understood by the judicial people reviewing cases of this nature.

MSN sites barf for me, because I'm running the Internet Junkbuster, a personal ad-filtering proxy. I'm not even blocking things all that aggressively -- which makes this all the more annoying. I suppose I could track down the offending line(s) in my config files, but I think I'll just quit linking to MSN stories instead.

The Post had an excellent article this morning about genetically engineered trees.

This series of photos from the recent Open Source/Perl Conference is awesome. Really nice uses of perspective tricks to capture some amazing images of Big Names and ordinary folk.

In the 'unintended consequences' column, bootleggers are using assistive devices intended for the deaf to produce high-quality recordings of live shows. In the long run, this could be bad, especially if it results in the devices becoming unavailable. That said, the geeky side of me is pretty impressed -- this is a cool hack.

After all the "Mozilla sucks"/"No it doesn't" hoopla over the past week or so, I decided to give the lizard another chance. The Debian packages aren't working for me at the moment, so I grabbed the M16 tarball and built my own. I've done this before, but I must have done something different this time -- what I've got is much more stable, faster, and has a smaller memory footprint than the past times I've tried it out. I think I'm going to switch to using it full-time. This is a pretty big jump, however, because I'm really, really bad at remembering site passwords and stuff, so re-registering for things is probably going to be a major pain. It seems like it'll be worth it, however -- it's faster than the Netscape I'm using, and on the strictly eye-candy tip, it supports a lot of the nifty CSS stuff that Netscape doesn't. For instance, until tonight, I didn't realize that that box on the left side of inessential.com did that nice roll-over light up trick.

Stim looks somewhat interesting. What does it say about me that, given a choice between the "ultimate men's magazine" and the "ultimate women's magazine", I initially choose the latter, and only check out the former as an afterthought?

Kris is swimming around again.

Okay, that's probably it for this week -- if all goes as planned, I'm going to get BOP to a usable place this weekend, and start using it for this site as a bug-busting move. This might even result in (gasp!) a re-design. It hasn't been easy, being green, and I'm pretty sick of it. That's good -- it's motivation to code. See y'all on Monday.