medical disaster area

Lor's off again, another early morning flight, which means I was up about two hours earlier than normal. I sort of like these early morning updates -- aside from all the pain caused by lack of sleep, that is.

Here's one for you paranoids: Read this story, which summarizes some of the recent left-wing protest activity, and trots out some of the standard "this movement has no center" memes. Consider, historically, what happens when you combine large groups of passionately dissatisfied yet unfocused citizens with a charismatic leader. Extrapolate.

Children of the Kernel talks about the need to teach newcomers to the Free Software movement some manners:

If the Linux community is to survive, it must educate these new users in etiquette. They must be taught to appreciate the fact that much of the software they take for granted came to them for free. Just as are forefathers sacrificed for our freedom, new Linux users need to be reminded that thousands of man-hours were spent perfecting the software they are now using; they should thank Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox, Richard Stallman et al in their /etc/cron.daily prayers.

In a related vein, expect to see a revival of the "Linus is a sellout" meme as Transmeta gears up for its IPO.

Round three of the "It does kill, no it doesn't" BT corn/Monarch butterfly thing goes to the "it kills" side. I haven't actually read any of the papers, and I'm certainly not a botanist, so I'll save my opinion on the research. I will say that this quote:

Novartis defended the safety of its Bt corn, saying the new study did not duplicate real-world conditions.

"Research conducted outdoors doesn't indicate what happens in a field environment," said Novartis spokesman Rich Lotstein.

makes it sound like something fishy is going on, doesn't it?

Note to myself #1: Add Remembrance Agent to the list of things to play with.

Note to myself #2: Follow through on that promise you made to yourself, that once you got out of grad school and started making some money, that you would give some of it to the EFF.

Note to myself #3: Add The Super Friendz to the "To Buy" list, cuz Karate Man rocks.

In the "God I'm glad I live in the US" file: Buy a used car, get a free rifle (plus water guns for the kiddies! yah!).

New studies suggest left-handed people don't die sooner than righties (at least as long as they're not in the military).

That's about the only good medical news I've had in a while -- over the past couple weeks, I've been going through the rigamarole of the first really comprehensive physical I've had in, well, ever. Somewhat depressing, in the "jesus I'm getting old" category. However, I had a nice long talk with my dad last night, and it turns out that most everything I've got, he's had too, for the past 15 or 20 years. So, I guess I won't be keeling over right away, or anything. Oh, and that story Mom used to tell about the postman must be false!

Okay, time to run off to work -- code, code, code! I slacked on mail last night, so I'll be getting back with you, you, and especially you later on tonight. Have a good one, everybody!

Minor meta: Corrected the date of yesterday's entry.