like an update, but totally different

Been working hard over the past couple days, so no time to blog. Am going to try to at least post a short update, however -- otherwise, I forget to say things I want to say.

Today, we're going to try to start a meme. (Well, I'm going to try; I hope some of you decide to help.) First, a bit of backstory: Yesterday, I was sitting at work doing a bit of early morning surfing (before it all hit the fan later -- but that's another story) and I saw the Sony/Napster thing go 'cross /. Thought, "I should blog this...", realized I had no way to do that from work, and fired off a mail to Dave over at Scripting News, on the off chance he'd miss it. Link got posted, probably had nothing to do with me, but that's okay. Last night, I was trying to decide whether to blog it here too. Thinking about that caused this meme to be born, and now I'm releasing it into the world:

The music industry is a drug dealer. Napster is drug legalization.

That's it. Who has the most to fear from drug legalization? Drug dealers. Why? Because drug legalization will reduce profits for them. The drug dealer is a drug addict too -- but their drug is called money. Just like any other addict, they're willing to do whatever they have to to keep the drug coming. They also need more and more of the drug to get the same effect.

Do I think this is actually a valid way to think about the situation? Well, sure it's a bit cutesy and over-the-top, but yes, I do. I think the Sony VP's comments about Napster were surprising to quite a few people -- but if you think about Sony as money-addicted drug pushers, it all makes sense: the drug dealer doesn't care about laws, what's right, or wrong, or any of that stuff. He just wants to get his product to you in the way that makes him the most money -- especially since money is the drug dealer's drug. Considered in that light, the "we will firewall you on the beaches" speech isn't surprising at all.

Ok, that's it -- let's see how this plays: little meme, I set you free. It's a dangerous world out there, so be careful...