itch fest

Lor and I went to a barbeque this weekend -- and now my legs are covered in bites. I've even resorted to cortisone cream, which is unusual with me. The ones on my legs I can ignore most of the time, but the ones on the backs of my hands aren't making this typing any easier...

This weekend, the 100th annual hobo convention was held in Britt, Iowa. Anybody think there's going to be a 100th weblogger convention?

Reliability of Statistical Procedures in Excel. One-line summary pullquote:

Excel's statistics add-on pack is riddled with potential disaster areas, and since it has been subjected to the best analysis available in the world and found to be wholly lacking, the only applicable words are 'avoid' and 'plague'.

Attracted to Gnus, but can't stand using one of the emacsen? Give VINE (Vim Integrated News and Email) a go.

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Okay -- that's it for tonight. I'm terribly behind on email, so if you're waiting for something from me, try to be patient. I'm getting to your mail as fast as I can...