couch hooky

I'm home from work this morning, waiting for our new couch to be delivered. So, morning update for you folks while I wait...
Update: The couch is here! Comfy goodness.

First up, I got a request last week from a college buddy (sort of) that I point out this weekend's Iowa/KSU football game. Haven't really been following the Hawkeyes much, especially given the past couple of relatively disappointing years, but if I get a chance, I'm going to see if I can't find the game on some back channel. No prediction, cuz it'd just be bluffing.

I used to have fights all time with a grad school classmate about anti-aliased text. He'll be glad to know that Joel says he was right.

Yesterday's meme lives! It lives!

Great -- there's leishmania in New York. This parasitic disease is normally only found in tropical areas, and nobody knows how it ended up on the East Coast. First West Nile, now this -- what's up with all the odd diseases hitting the Mid-Atlantic states?

In the "can you have negative credibility?" department, TRUSTe was collecting surfer info, at least up until yesterday. Reading the article, it doesn't sound like a particularly bad privacy violation, but you'd really like a group like TRUSTe to be completely beyond reproach -- and that's just not the case anymore.

Note to self: Download and install new HTML helper mode for XEmacs.

Billy Bob's Cow Tipping Simulator. Ya know, I'm from a small town in the Mid-West, and I hadn't ever heard of this cow tipping thing until I went to college. And then, it was people from Chicago telling me about it -- I think this might be an urban legend. Any of you ever tip a cow?

Fun at your next group meeting! The nuclear blast simulator lets you map the effect of a ground or air warhead detonation onto a map of your area (via Mapblast). Make your co-workers think you're even more dangerously unstable than you actually are!

Sure, everybody's pointing at the LEGO desk. I dug a bit, and it turns out the guy has done some other sculptures -- including a globe, R2D2, and Tux the Linux mascot. Pretty cool!

Check out the Readymade site. Ignore the obnoxious popup. Download the "The Block Alone" mp3. Groove. Be happy.

Last week's Nerve photo collection featured a nicely tattooed couple -- see some sleeve style tattoos, or a nice full back butterfly. Usually the all-black 'tribal' style tats (like the butterfly) are strong abstract shapes. Seeing one depicting a butterfly makes for a nice contrast. Not so wild about the star on the ass, but it's not my body, now is it?

Hey, I'm a nodalpoint admin! I'm pretty excited about this -- expect to see some of the bioinfo stuff from here to either get duplicated over there, or (more likely) to just move over there. But, I need your help too -- get over there, get an account, if you haven't got one already, and start some threads! Get to talking, people!

A couple weeks ago, Mikki Halprin, author of The Geek Handbook, graciously sent Lor and I an autographed copy. It's a pretty fun read, and if you're a non-geek it might help you gain some insight. If you are a geek, you will recognize yourself in the examples quite a bit. I didn't realize it until I read the author bio, but Mikki was co-author of the smash Girl's Guide to Geek Guys. Anyway, thanks again Mikki!

Okay, I guess now that the couch has arrived, I should go to work. Have a good weekend, y'all!