blah squared

Today was a Monday's Monday. Everything took longer than expected, I couldn't concentrate on anything to save my life, and really fun things kept happening. Example: the Meta key on my keyboard got stuck down. Swapping out the keyboard demonstrated it wasn't really the keyboard, but rather the Sun-PS/2 converter box doohickey. Recommended solution: reboot. Okay, but I have to give a password to do that, and that password contains a number, and I've got Meta-number combos bound to commands in my window manager... Oh yah, big fun all around.

Systems Software Research is Irrelevant. One note, the 'Irrelevant' part probably doesn't mean what you think. This is an interesting read, and it's by Rob Pike, so it probably deserves a look, even if you don't agree with what he has to say.

Some links for the "when I have time" alternate reality that I may one day inhabit: PSGML tricks and Colorizing with emacs and psgml.

Interesting SciAm piece on Ensembl and DAS, which are systems being developed to collaboratively annotate the human genome. ("Annotate" means to pick out the genes and control bits from the gimish of sequence.) I concur with David Lipman's point that there may be issues with the quality of the annotation, but I hope that this could be partially solved via some sort of trust or reputation metric.

The seven don'ts of Usenet. My life would be immeasurably better if people followed these rules, not just on Usenet, but mailing lists as well.

Maybe then I wouldn't find things like "When your systems administrator works for the mob" quite so amusing. Or at least not a source of tips for future use anyway.

K5 is coming back! Yay!